Best RV Road Atlas

If you are planning for RV driving for adventure, then you need to equip yourself with details of your routes, destinations, parks, and everything that you need to enjoy your road trip or camping.

There are so many atlases to help you with information regarding the places you may want to visit, with landmarks, mileage, maps, and more. In this article, you have the best RV road atlas reviews to consider for your travel plan.

Best RV Road Atlas

Features to Consider Before Buying the Best RV Road Atlas

It is required of you to check the details of the atlas before you can buy it. Is it the right choice for your travel plan? In this case, you should always be keen to make a choice that would be helpful and some of the things to consider here include:

Destination Location

You need to buy an atlas that covers the locations you are planning to visit. Of course, there is no need to buy something that details locations of places you might never visit. If you want to explore the different States in the U.S, then you can get an atlas with all the States.


Your atlas should be written in a language that you can understand with ease. In this article, all the atlases that we have compiled are written in English language. Therefore, you should make sure that you understand the language first before you commit to buy.

Design of the Atlas

The design of the atlas is how it looks from the cover to the pages. Some come with laminated pages and that would be advantageous when it comes to durability. Others are spiral-bound to make them easy to use. You should get the design of the atlas that matches your taste.

Maps and Distances

The importance of any atlas is to offer you all the details that you need including the maps, mileage, and distances from place to place. In this case, you should check the clarity of the maps, and the accuracy of the scales for calculating distances.


The maps and content of the atlas should be easy to read. This will make them easy to use. Therefore, if you are looking for an atlas with good RV road maps, then you need to check on readability of the maps, and the contents of the atlas.

Updates and Versions

Atlases come in different versions and if you want to catch up with the new developments, then you should check and buy updated versions.

RV road atlases are helpful for RV drivers and for adventure. They come with details and information of places and maps with distances and can be used for travel planning. In addition to that, it details the information of different destinations, parks, amenities, and road conditions among other useful details.

What is the Best RV Road Atlas?

Based on the user information, Rand McNally 2021 Road Atlas is rated as the best of all and captures all the States in the U.S. The runners up for this is National Geographic Maps Road Atlas that has also been trusted for reliable and accurate maps and information regarding the different places in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Top 7 Best Road Atlas for RV Reviews

After comparing several atlases, we picked the below seven options for you. They are the best and reliable when it comes to the accuracy of the information, and covers different places both in the United States and outside. This includes the following:

National Geographic Maps Road Atlas

National Geographic Road Atlas 2024: Adventure Edition...

This National Geographic Road Atlas RV & Camping Edition is written in English and captures detailed information of road maps to guide you during your travel while in the U.S. The atlas captures all the 50 states and that makes it an essential guide for any traveler wishing to adventure in any of the states.

Points of Interest

The 144-page atlas is what you will use to locate attractive sites in the United States while on your vacation trip. As it details the top 100 destinations for adventure, you can really make this National geographic Maps Road Atlas your travel companion.

Publication and other Details

This atlas is still a recent publication produced in August, 2020, and you can rest assured that it captures the recent developments and attraction sites.

  • Written in English and easy to understand.
  • Contains mileage information for distances.
  • Detailed destinations and routes for all the states in the United States.
  • Spiral binding hence easy to use.
  • Looks attractive and affordable.
  • Easy to read details and maps.
  • Heavy-duty and durable plastic cover.
  • The large state maps are too much compressed.

Expert Opinion: Since it contains maps of each state, it is a good companion when exploring the different states but not the US as a whole. The details are also clear and updated and hence is a recommended road atlas.

Rand McNally 2021 Road Atlas

Rand McNally 2021 Large Scale Road Atlas (Rand McNally Road...

Rand McNally Road Atlas is a large-scale spiral bound atlas with 264 pages all written in English. If you are looking for a travel guide atlas with maps of all the States in the United States of America, then Rand McNally Road Atlas should be your greatest companion.

Map Sizes

The advantages with the maps that come in this Rand McNally Road Atlas are larger by 35% compared to that of the standard atlas version and that makes it easy to read. As the name gives, it is a large atlas and a wonderful guide for travel arrangements.


This atlas captures the national park maps and mileage information of distances from one point to the other. It also details all the information regarding the road conditions and constructions. In addition to that, Rand McNally Road Atlas captures driving times and you can use the information to plan your journey from one state to the other.

  • Relatively large maps for easy reading.
  • Captures accurate and detailed information.
  • Mileage charts and well captured.
  • Attractive and durable cover.
  • Captures all the 50 states in the U.S.
  • It does not capture the Canadian provinces.

Expert Opinion: If you want to explore the United States, then you should get a copy of this great guide. It is detailed with maps and routes, national parks, and other attractive destinations that are useful for travel. It is also affordable and recommendable.

Chandler O’Leary Road Atlas

The Best Coast: A Road Trip Atlas: Illustrated Adventures...

Chandler O’Leary Road Atlas is a 224-page English atlas with detailed coastal routes and adventure destinations. If you are planning for the Coastal tour or road trip, then you may need this awesome guide. It is a great piece that captures national parks, historic sites, and Major cities up and down the Coast.


With this atlas, you have all kinds of adventures to enjoy on your trip. It is the best camping atlas that you can get for forest adventures up and down the coast, historic highways for road trips, and national parks among other sites.

Publication and Other Details

This awesome atlas or guide to the coast was published in April, 2019, and is still an updated guide that you can consider for your trip. It is easy to read and looks attractive from the cover.

  • Simple and easy to understand.
  • Covers all the West Coast destinations.
  • Detailed with landmarks and attractive sites.
  • Also great for forest adventures.
  • Affordable and competitive pricing.
  • Does not cover outside the West Coast destinations.

Expert opinion: Chandler O’Leary Road Atlas covers the West Coast and everything that you need from destinations, routes, landmarks, and distances. It also features forest adventures that you can enjoy while in the Coast among other useful details hence is a great travel companion for the West Coast trips.

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Benchmark Maps Road Atlas

Utah Road and Recreation Atlas - 9th Edition, 2022...

Benchmark Maps Road Atlas is a 96-page English guide for road trips in Utah. If you want to enjoy your adventures while in Utah, then Benchmark Maps Road Atlas is the right guide for you. It captures the top 5 national parks for recreation in the South and is a great companion for travel.


Benchmark Maps Road Atlas has captured some of the awesome destinations including hunting areas and fishing spots among other attraction sites. It is a great RV road atlas with comprehensive information and details that are easy to follow.

Map and Other Details

In this Benchmark Maps Road Atlas, there are recreational maps, metro, and landscape maps. All the maps come with good scales that you can use to calculate distances with ease. It also features all the roads in Utah that you can drive on, and other great and useful landmarks. 

  • Detailed and easy to use.
  • Accurate map scales for distance and mileage.
  • Covers important landmarks and destinations.
  • Good for road trips and recreational purposes.
  • Looks attractive from the cover.
  • It does not cover other places outside Utah.

Expert Opinion: Benchmark Maps Road Atlas as the name puts only covers Utah and destinations that you can visit while on your trip. It also shows landmarks, distances, and attractive sites to visit for adventure in Utah. Therefore, it is recommended for Utah travelers.

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Ron Samson Smart Travel RV Atlas

Smart RV Travel Guide For The Lower 48 States: List of RV,...

This is a revised and updated 2nd edition of the best road atlas for RV. It features all the details that you need to have for your travel needs. With this guide, you get the details of important amenities, suggested routes, and what you can do in each of the states. It also includes updated information of notable places and contacts that you can use to plan your visit, among other great details.

48 Chapters

This guide details information for the 48 states in each chapter. This makes Ron Samson Smart Travel RV Atlas easy to use. You can just get to the chapter with the state that you want to visit and you get all the information you want without hassle.

Content Details

The content details found in this travel guide covers the amenities in each state you are going to visit, RV parks, national parks, suggested routes, and to do lists for each state. This makes travel planning an easy task since you have everything including amenities and the costs.

  • Comprehensive details about each state.
  • Well updated and easy to use.
  • Comes with a competitive and affordable price.
  • Each chapter handles each state hence good for state visits.
  • Includes all amenities, contact information, and costs for planning purposes.
  • Some states and services are not well detailed.

Expert opinion: Ron Samson Smart Travel RV Atlas is a great companion for RV enthusiasts and travelers who want to explore the States. It is useful for planning as it captures amenities and costs besides other useful details.

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Trailer Life RV Road Atlas

Trailer Life Directory RV Road Atlas: United States, Canada,...

Trailer Life RV Road Atlas is the best RV family travel atlas that has been created by experts and captures detailed highlights of parks, discount locations, routes, and maps. The atlas features 176=pages and is written in English. You will find Trailer Life RV Road Atlas easy to understand and helpful for RVing.

RV Perfect

This Trailer Life RV Road Atlas is perfect for those who wish to drive their RV or oversized vehicles. Therefore, if you love RV, then Trailer Life RV Road Atlas is the right directory that you need for exploration and adventure.


What is contained in this Trailer Life RV Road Atlas is everything you need to make your trip an enjoyable one. It features campgrounds directory and all locations for RV driving. There are also routes and everything to help you navigate the place without struggle.

  • All routes for RV are well captured.
  • Detailed and easy to read.
  • Routes and campsites indicated well.
  • Spiral bound with good looking cover.
  • Includes parks and other destinations to visit.
  • Clear and precise map with discount locations.
  • Does not indicate where there are low bridges or overpasses.
  • Relatively expensive.

Expert opinion: This RV atlas is written by experts and with listings of all campsites and discount locations. It also captures the best routes for RV driving and hence is a recommended guide for travel planning.

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Rand McNally 2020 Road Atlas

Rand McNally 2020 Motor Carriers' Road Atlas

This is the best USA road atlas with detailed features and information regarding the routes, highway and tracking information, and hence a great companion for professional RV drivers. It is a 208-page document written in English and is easy to read and understand.


Rand McNally 2020 Road Atlas is everything you need if you want to save money and resources. You can use it to plan your trip and it consists of information about restricted routes, mileage information, low clearance points, and weigh station locations.

Other Details

This is a durable atlas that comes with laminated pages to prevent it from liquid exposure and is a useful tool for drivers. The booklet also comes with easy-to-use charts, road construction and condition hotlines, regulations and hazardous materials, and numbers of provisional permit agencies just to mention a few of the details.

  • Detailed and descriptive.
  • Covers all the designated routes.
  • Laminated pages to protect against fluids.
  • Highlights all restricted routes and road constructions.
  • Shows city-to-city mileage.
  • Good for big vehicle drivers.
  • Does not detail tertiary and secondary roads.

Expert opinion: Rand McNally 2020 Road Atlas is a great companion if you are a professional RV driver in the United States and needs some accurate information regarding mileage, road condition, and other important details.

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How to Choose the Best Road Atlas for RV

Choosing the best road atlas would depend on a number of factors. Of course, we don’t all want to adventure in the same locality, or visit the same place. Therefore, when choosing your atlas, you need to check on the following:

The Place You Are Going to Visit

This is important since you can’t have a good plan without the necessary information of the place you want to visit. If you are visiting the United States, then I would recommend Rand McNally 2021 Road Atlas and National Geographic Maps Road Atlas since they are well-detailed with information regarding all the States. For different locations like Utah, you have Benchmark Maps Road Atlas. It details all the destinations, parks, and to do lists while in Utah and is a helpful plan guide for trips in the same locality.

Trust and Reviews

If most people are satisfied with the product, they would definitely give it positive reviews and good ratings. Rand McNally 2021 Road Atlas is a choice that you cannot dispute due to thousands of satisfied users. It is highly rated and the best-selling RV atlas on the market.

Updated Version

You will find that information that was published some years ago would have changed due to the changing conditions, especially of the roads, and places. Therefore, if you are to buy the best atlas, then you should look for an updated one like the National Geographic Maps Road Atlas and others that have been updated recently.

Final Thoughts

With an updated, detailed, reliable, and accurate atlas, you can rest assured to enjoy your RV adventure. Of course, the above atlases are there for you to choose one that fits the geographical location you are planning to visit, and captures all the destinations, routes, distances, and all other information that you want including the maps.

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