Best 22.5 RV Tires

You need to make sure you have the best 22.5 RV tires set attached to your recreational van before traveling tons of miles. A flat or damaged tire can easily make you stuck in a place where a garage or automobile store can never be found. 

Best 22.5 RV Tires

In today’s article, we are focusing on our preferred seven RV tire brands. And, there are some sections in our discussion showing you major facts about motor home tires.

Features to Consider for the Best 22.5 RV Tires

With the aim of purchasing the best RV tire, users generally need to consider what’s the critical highlights or features in a tire. That will not be equivalent to consistently. However, we have attempted to summarize a few highlights that are viewed as ideal in the RV tires.

Speed rating:

Speed rating is one of the most viewed features to look up before buying 22.5 RV tires. Cause only you know what type of traveler you are. 

If you are adventurous, then definitely go for the speed rating of T, or you can go for M type. But if you are buying the tires for passenger cars, then definitely go for L type. Obviously, you don’t want your passengers to get killed. 

Tread Design:

The tread design of a tire matters the most, as it confirms the durability of a tire. In RV tires, we find two types of tread design or pattern. They are: symmetrical and asymmetrical. 

Symmetrical tires provide good handling and decent durability at an affordable price. Yet, they are perfectly not made for wet roadways. Besides, asymmetrical patterned tires offer great handling on corners and risky roads. You can consider them as all-weather tires with a rich budget. 

Load range:

In RV tires the most popular load range starts from D and ends to F. There are type B and type C also, yet they are somewhat backdated right now. So, we always consider the safety of the travelers. 

Tires with higher load range makes the journey peaceful and tension free. If you use a passenger car on a daily basis, then always check the load range of the tires you want to buy. Somehow you will find your type load pressure (from 450 kpa to 650 kpa) in the market and also in our list. 

Keeping all the necessities in mind, our experts have suggested these top 7 products that are quite ideal for any type of buyers. 

Top 7 Best RV Tires 22.5

When tires are the product you want to buy, tons of fake and similar products can make you confused. Even most experts also have different brand choices for RV or motorhome tires. 

We have been analyzing all the data and after-purchase reviews from users for some months. And finally, we have created a list of seven ideal RV tires that can also match with several expert suggestions.

NEOTERRA NT399 Truck Tires

No products found.

We all know the necessity of good tires for having a peaceful journey. No matter how expensive and luxurious your RV is, without an excellent piece of tire, it is nothing. So, with Neoterra NT399, we can assure you to have a very peaceful journey. 

Tread Factor: 

The tread block design of these tires is excellently created. This optimal design of these RV tires gives them the ability to bite on the ground strongly and consistently. So, you have nothing to worry about any accidental issue in traveling throughout the tight road curves or similar tracks. 

Also, making sudden breaks along with accelerations capability become swifter and smoother than ever, with this set of RV tires. 

The Ultimate Biting Ground Design:

The Neoterra manufacturer has designed it with a special biting ground feature. This design is just appropriate for the groove. 

The excellent quality RV tires effectively prevent stones from spacing in the tread. Besides, this biting ground design ensures the protection of the tires from external damages. 

Tire Longevity:

What users find in a Trailer tire is its longevity. Durability or longevity is one of the most popular and demandable features in the 22.5 trailer tire. In order to satisfy customers’ demands, the manufacturer has invented these fine quality tires with multi-layered tread for the extreme benefits of the users. 

So, if anyone can use these tires in the accurate method, the tires will reward him with the cheapest cost per mile.

  • These professional tires own 11-inches in width with a 7.5-cm aspect ratio with sturdiness
  • Its 146 load index rating is quite suitable for medium-sized travel trailers
  • The ground-biting tread block design is very satisfying
  • The 143 L speed rating of this tire is not up to the expectation of many users

No products found.

Michelin XRV Commercial Truck Tire

Michelin XRV Commercial Truck Radial Tire-235/80R22.5 0Q

This set of tires are actually created for the finest performances on recreational vehicles along with the motorhomes. So, users have already understood that this is a medium-duty truck tire for recreational or coach purposes. 

See-through grooves feature: 

The 22.5 motorhome tires are designed with wide see-through circumferential grooves or in short, see-through grooves. 

The main benefit of having see-through grooves is to promote competent water evacuation for decent wet banking. Also, it helps to grip throughout the life of tires.

The stone ejector:

Stones getting stuck into the thread is a usual problem that almost all motorhome tire users have to face. Keeping this problem in mind, the Michelin manufacturer had made the design that has to be a stone ejector. What the feature does is, preventing stones from being stuck into the trends and issues like an accidental flat tire.

Cool-running tread compound: 

The presence of this feature in the tires ensures a way safer journey. It helps to generate squirm reduction along with lower heat for improved handling, meaning these treads will have fine durability.

  • The tires are provided with better weathering resistance with see-through grooves
  • The increase of ozone resistance in sidewalls ensures the durability of the tires
  • The shallow yet stable tread allows the users to have a better grip
  • These tires are not suitable for ice or snow tracks at all

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DOUBLE COIN RT500 Truck Tires

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This pair of tires are excellently made for stability, handling, and irregular wearing by the Double coin. 

These professional truck tires, not only the truck but also all the travel trailers, have solved a number of problems that travel trailer users frequently have to face in their journeys with the tire department. Anyways, here is a perfect solution we have is the professional truck tires by double coin. 

5-Rib design:

The 5 rib design is quite unusual to see in RV tires because it demands more cost. This special design can fight against wearing unevenly near here the tire body. 

Besides, the tires work equally fairly for all of the positions aimed at the tire. To provide the user more traction, handling, along with stability, these tires are the best. 

Casing with steel balls:

The manufacturer has designed these tires with the finest casing that ensures durability. Here, it includes 4 steel balls that are made to protect the tire from sudden hazards, coming in the way. 

Also, for sudden handling, these steel balls help the most. As per our experts, this tire is the top pick because of these wonderful qualities.

  • The tires are designed with a 140 load index rating.
  • These truck tires are available with a set of 1/2/4/8 tires
  • The 5-rib design ensures its durability for years and years
  • The durable casing with 4-steel ball protection lessens the accidental issues
  • There is no speed rating provided in these tires

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Goodyear-Wrangler-Fortitude HT Radial Tire

Toyo M 154 245/75R22.5 G/14PLY

These tires are one of them that we prefer. Anyways, the Goodyear-wrangler-fortitude HT all-season radial tire is a complete package, if anyone can afford it. Besides, the brand has gained that much reputation for creating the best motorhome tires. 

Tread Design: 

The tread of this tire is specially designed with lower rolling resistance that is highly appreciated to a user, as this feature increases the RV’s fuel efficiency. Also, it lessens irregular wearing to provide the tire a durable and healthy life. 

Speed Rating Index:

The most exciting feature of these Goodyear tires is their speed. If you are a traveler and buyer both< then we highly recommend you to buy this one. 

As they are designed to have the maximum speed of T on the scale of speed rating. You can run your travel trailer or any type of vehicle at the max speed of 118 mph. This could be a dream journey for racers with no hassle of changing tires. 

Traction Excellency:

These tires are very helpful in bad weather conditions. Hence, the expert traction feature helps to resist slippery surfaces, providing the user a risk-free traveling. Anyways, they also help to accelerate smoothly, working behind. 

  • These tires provide the users noise-free travel every time
  • The trailer tires are designed with low rolling resistance tread to enhance fuel efficiency
  • It provides you with a bump-free high degree of ride comfort at an affordable price
  • The only problem with this tire is, it only has limited sizes

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Dr-Dry D751 professional tires

(4-TIRES) 295/75R22.5 DRIVE 14 PLY DRC D751 WITH FREE...

Our next product on this list is Dr-Dry 295//75R22.5 Drive 14 PLY DRC D751 professional tires. Though it is not exactly 22.5’’ but this 22’’ RIM diameter is more demandable than other 22.5 RV tires for sale. 

Tread Design: 

The special tread design of these tires is quite rare. Our experts have chosen this in our top list because of this reason. This kind of pattern is designed to lessen the irregular wearing that is considered as the topmost problem for RV travel trailers, trucks, buses, and so on. 

The cooling feature:

The manufacturer has provided this pair of tires with a cooling feature that is another reason behind its popularity. 

While being in persistent friction with the highway, the tires don’t generate lots of heat, meaning in a long journey you don’t have to worry about cooling tires at all. They will make themselves up for miles with the special cooling feature.

 Overall Value Pack:

Within a mid-budget, a buyer is getting stability, durability, cooling feature, and so on. What should we expect more? With all the facilities, these tires could be the best choice in your life. Though these are not for off-road at all, yet you are having a safer journey than regular tires. 

  • The travel trailers tires are designed with deep tread with less wiring
  • The 760 kPa pressure inflation at max is a praiseworthy point for a tire
  • Each of these tires owns the aptitude of 5675 pounds
  • The cooling feature extends the durability of these tires
  • If you are an off-road traveler, then these tires are definitely not for you

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Travelstar HF288 Trailer Radial Tire

Ironman I-480 Commercial Truck Tire 29575R22.5 144M

Travelstar has invented a professional radial tire that includes excellent traction no matter what the weather condition is. This is the main reason that we have selected this in our top list. 

Load range:

The vital point of this travel trailer tire is its fine load range. With the load range of E (550 Kpa), each tire easily handles the weight of 2860 pounds that is eventually way more in a travel trailer with four wheels. As these tires are only applicable for travel trailers, so the user will surely have a smoother journey. 

Speed Index Rating:

The TravelStar has created tires in order to enjoy speedy journeys. Because of this, this is only applicable for travel trailers not in passenger cars, buses, SUVs, trucks, and so on. Anyways, this tire has a speed index rating of ‘M’, meaning its maximum speed is 81 miles per hour(mph), which sounds quite thrilling.

  • These tires are made to last long with an endless smoother speedy travel experience
  • The high-speed capability (speed index rating M) ensures its popularity in the market
  • The manufacturer has created this to resist the destructions under heavier loads
  • These tires don’t work on other vehicles but trailers

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Falken RI-150 Ecorun SW Truck Tire 

Falken RI-150 ECORUN SW ALL POSITION Commercial Truck Tire -...

Our last product of this top 7 list is the Ecorun SW All Position Commercial Truck Tire, quite popular in the market. Hence this is another 22’’ RV tire, best for passenger bus, car, SUVs, and so on. So, let’s see what’s new here. 

Speed rating:

The manufacturer has designed these tires with the perfect speed rating. For commercial use as in, for passenger long-drive car or bus, these tires confirm at the speed rating of L, meaning it will provide the passengers smooth drive along with a fine speed. 

Tread Design:

The must-look feature of a travel trailer tire, actually all tires! Anyways, its special tread design does its job effectively just within a decent price range. 

If you are not keen on changing tires, buy these professional tires for ultimate comfort. With the tread depth of 21 32nds and the section width of 265 mm, anyone can enjoy their ride peacefully. 

  • Its 146 load index rating is more than enough for passenger cars
  • The L speed rating ensures a faster journey than usual
  • These all position tires can go smoothly on off-roads
  • This is not a highly durable tire for heavy users who travel frequently or daily

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Guide to Buy the Best 22.5 RV Tires

With our top 7 products, we have covered all the types of Toyo motorhome tires. Now, you have to choose what’s the ideal one for you. In order to help you, choosing your type of tire, we have briefly discussed some bullet points. This buying guide may help you to reach your tire destination entirely.

Safety Concern

The safety measurements mainly come with the tread design, especially on traction. And safety is the top priority on your journey. So, while buying, you must check the traction feature and what type of tread is using there. 

Size of Tires

Selecting the right size for your trailer is a vital option. While in motorhome tires 22.5, there are plenty of options like class A motorhome tires, class B motorhome tires, class C motorhome tires, etc. that are far different from one another. So, check out them finely what suits your RV the best. 


In the market, you can see there are warranties of two types: defect protection and tread warranty. Some manufacturers offer you both the guarantee of tread health, and the tread will last for seven years. But do think before what you are buying. 

The warranties are usually set up at the rate of the using time, the number of miles, etc. Some will provide you tires with a higher warranty yet the tire wears out sooner. Also, there are less possibilities to acquire a replacement. What we have listed, some have warranties, some not. Now, it’s up to you to choose.

Load Index Rating

Another vital point, a buyer should check out while buying, is its load index rating. Sometimes the lack of this knowledge, there occurs vital accidental issues. For a travel trailer, 140 load index rating is quite commendable.

Traction grade: 

The traction grade is important stuff to check out before buying. Higher grade traction is eminent for safety purposes, as it allows your vehicle to make a sudden stop on wet roadways. 

The highest graded traction is numbered as “A” but that is rare on the market. The “A” type category is popular enough (75%), and offers decent traction on damp pavement. So, before buying your RV tires, must look into the traction grade.

Final Words

For a long-distance journey, you not only need to prepare your luggage but also, have to make your car ready for the ride. And the preparation is unfinished without attaching a new set of quality tires. 

So, you should remember to get a new set of RV tires before any journey you are going to have. You can get all sorts of help regarding buying tires from the discussion above. And, never forget to carry at least two spare tires for a decent trip.

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